Limited Releases

Throughout the year, we offer exclusive, extra-special wine kits with limited availability, usually by pre-order only.

To avoid disappointment, check back here at our Limited Releases page often for news, and be sure to visit us regularly at Wine Kitz Lower Sackville for the latest!


bottle-mock-up-48x150Original Series
Goldmine *Limited Release*
This aromatic blend of Symphony Gewürztraminer hails from the epicenter of California’s Gold Rush where grape growing dates back to the 1850’s. Goldmine is rich with floral and fruity notes on both the nose and palate. Peach and tropical fruit flavours from the Symphony with traditional lychee notes from the Gewürztraminer and subtle hints of honey


bottle-mock-up_nm-greenapple-kiwi-pear-41x150Niagara Mist
Green Apple Kiwi Pear *Limited Release*
A fresh, light summer blend of tart green apple, sweet kiwi and crisp pear. Perfect for the patio, serve chilled on its own or mx into a cocktail alongside a summer salad with grilled shrimp.



bottle-mock-up_nm-blkbrry-peach-elderflower-40x150Niagara Mist
Blackberry Peach Elderflower *Limited Release*
This blend is sweet and succulent with ripe blackberry, luscious peach and hints of elderflower. Serve on its own or as a summer sangria over ice, paired with BBQ chicken and grilled vegetables.