Personalized Bottle Labels

As part of each batch of wine you make at Wine Kitz Lower Sackville, you will be able to add bottle labels and matching shrink tops to complete the look of your bottles, for a small extra charge.

We also offer a variety of beautiful personalize-able bottle labels. These are fantastic for weddings and other specials occasions, but also as gifts for friends and family, or just to show off your favourite wines.

The custom bottle labels come in an array of designs, and we can print your name, your company, the wine type, date bottled, etc.. See in store for the latest styles – we can print them right on the spot as you are bottling your wine!

Design your own: You can download the Macday label program into your own PC (sorry it doesn’t work on Macs) and design your own labels! Just save the design and bring it in to us on a memory stick or email it to us.

CLICK HERE from home to have it instantly and safely download. Alternatively, CLICK HERE for a zip file which you can then unzip on your computer into the folder of your choice. Be sure and check that we have the particular label in stock.

Note: The label printing program prints in black ink. Photos and detailed images such as logos with tiny lines do not print well. You are best to keep your design simple, using text and if necessary a very basic graphic such as clipart.