Our Guarantee

At Wine Kitz Lower Sackville, we GUARANTEE your satisfaction.

How It Works

We’ll help you pick out a wine kit we’re sure you’ll love, based on what you enjoy commercially. You’ll have the opportunity to try your wine – a very small amount – at bottling, and while it will be somewhat raw and young, it will give you an idea of the wine’s potential.* Wines soften and improve significantly in the bottle, and often bottle time is all that is needed to make your wine wonderful. It needs a little time to settle from the filtering and bottling processes, and to smooth out and begin its natural maturation and development.

*See us for aging suggestions before you choose your wine kit for best results.

If you make your wine in our In-Store Winery, where we control everything from the temperature to the timing of the process, and you are not satisfied with the end result, we will replace your kit. This rarely happens, and we hope you will give us every opportunity to make the wine right where possible before replacing it. We look forward to helping you.